Salmon, William:Botanologia

Botanologia The English Herbal: Or, History of Plants ; Containing I. Their Names, Greek, Latine and English. II. Their Species, or various Kind's. III. Their Descriptions. IV. Their Places of Growth. V. Their Times of Flowering and Seeding. VI. Their Qualities or Properties. VII. Their Specifications. VIII. Their Preparations, Galenick and Chymick. IX. Their Virtues and Uses. X. A Complete Florilegium, of all the Choice Flowers Cultivated by our Florists, interspersed through the whole Work, in their proper Places; where you have their Culture, Choice, Increase, and Way of Management, as well for Profit as Delectation ; Adorned with Exquisite Icons or Figures, of the most considerable Species representing to the Life, the true Forms of those several Plants ; the whole in an Alphabetical Order

Autor: Salmon, William
Erscheinungsort: London
Verlag: Dawks, Rhodes and Taylor
Erscheinungsjahr: 1710
Anzahl Seiten: 648
Signatur: 2 Phyt. 257-1
URN: urn:nbn:de:bvb:12-bsb10214615-6


Salmon, William:Botanologia

Salmon, William, (1710)
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