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This service provides an image-based similarity search. The only criterion is the similarity of motifs based on characteristics such as colors, textures, shapes and contrasts. The image-based similarity search currently offers access to a growing portfolio of 3,035,143 digitized works from the Bavarian State Library out of 12 centuries (manuscripts, rare books, maps). These works belong to the absolute core and peak inventory of the cultural heritage of Bavaria and also to the national patrimony. Overall, 57 million images are available. It was set up in cooperation with Fraunhofer-Institut für Nachrichtentechnik.

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Video tutorial

A brief video tutorial (3:54) on how to use the basic functions of our Image-based Similarity Search.

Starting the search

It is recommended to start by selecting an image from a certain category. Alternatively you may use a random search for starting. The similarity search follows in the second step: Please select an image from the search hits and take it as template for further searches.

Broaden the search

Take your time: You may need several search actions to find something. Browse the search hits. Klick on an image to open it inside the viewer and skim the whole book. Choose "Find similar images", to start a new search with the displayed image.

Use your own images as a search template

You may upload your own images in order to use them as a search template. Please note the given file format and size restrictions.

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